Google Knows Me

I read once that the Stasi ultimately failed because a certain formula failed – the ratio between the information they collected and their capacity to analyse it and render it meaningful was vastly unequal. So they ended up with immense archives of unknowable information. Satisfying to an archivist perhaps, but not of much use to the security apparatus.

In this era of cybernetics the equation is levelled, even though on both sides of the equation the numbers have increased dramatically – There is an increase in the amount of data collected and at the same time the ability to turn this data into knowledge.

Data is essentially 0s and 1s, numbers before they are rendered intelligible to a human mind. Content without form. Information is the start of the transition. Information is my name, an SMS I send, pornography I consume. Knowledge is the end of the transition into intelligibility, where we can really say that we have integration, all the information about me becomes intelligible, you know where I will go before I do, you give me a sexual identity (determine what highly specialised breed of fetishist I am), knowledge is knowing, knowing is an act of violence, of control.

Google knows me.

Leonard Cohen Remix “Everybody Knows” on Local Suicide

Tusk’s interpretation of Cohen’s seething bitterness and cynicism sits quite naturally atop the pumping and strangely fitting melodic groove, with the female chorus backing vocals adding to the resigned, but weary of its resignation, general tone of the song.



Long awaited return of the sci-fi synth supplicant TUSK now reborn as the perennially wandering lesbian vampire of your sweetest, darkest dreams.

Lesbian Vampires is a psychedelic paean to impossible love and the weight of desire.
Buy the EP at

Directed and Edited by TUSK
Cinematography & Styling by Mad Kate

Music written and produced by TUSK
Mix Tweaking & High Definition Mastering by: Bartłomiej Kuźniak (

TUSK meets alien duo DUO MEGA Ω MEGA. Video out now.

So after spending ten days strapped to a medibay orbiting the coldest planet in the universe, I have returned to Earth to find my children have grown. The seeds of this collaboration have now produced an inspiring new vision of alternative corporeality.

MEGA Ω MEGA have just released the video to the track “FROM SPACE” that we recorded a little while ago. Watch it here:

TUSK Festival Shows and Berlin Return

www.christoph-neumann.comTUSK returns with a festival show on the 26th July at Fluff Fest, Rockycany, Czech Republic. Also catch TUSK on the 29th June for Queer Riot Club at Neurotitan gallery (more details coming soon). The Berlin show will see the launch of TUSKNONSTOP – a new performance and audiovisual concept, also featuring music from the upcoming EP Lesbian Vampires.

Also catch HYENAZ at Reich und Schön Festival on the 21st of June, and at CCCP on the 22nd. More details here.


Put your hands in the air! You have the right to remain silent as the techno-shamanistic HYENAZ (TUSK + MAD KATE) take over Expatriarch Radio for this month’s dose of patriarch-slaying. In this edition, NYC queer producer (Aqua) Marinez exposes the injustices of her city’s “stop and frisk” human rights fiasco. Plus there’s the smooth-as-silk remix of Cat Power‘s new single “Manhattan” featuring outspoken hip-hop artist and fellow New Yorker Angel Haze, who is soon to grace Berlin, as are Detroit’s ADULT. and London’s Lene Lovich. You’ll also hear fresh tracks from California’s Double Duchess and Acreaturas as well as Berlin’s own Aérea Negrot and Noblesse Oblige.